Why I Will Never Leave My Child At A Birthday Party Alone Again...

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In 21 years of being a parent, I have never thought twice about dropping my children off to parties, where I know the parents well, then coming back to pick them up at the end.  But that won't be happening again!

Well lets face it, you don't expect your child to be sat on the floor alone, crying her eyes out when you get there...

My girl is 8, so pretty much looks after herself (I obviously wouldn't leave them if they were little) , she's a lovely girl that is a pleasure to be around.  She has never ever been in trouble, nor hit, bit, bullied or anything like that, so not a child you need to worry about in that respect.  The problem with that though is she's a prime target for the bullies!!!.

My eldest picked her up unfortunately, (another thing I could kick myself for) and found her alone, on the floor crying her eyes out.  When Ashleigh (my eldest) starting asking what had gone on etc, all he parents came rushing over to see "what had happened" one of the hosts children (twins) who's birthday it was (it was a joint twins party, 2 sets of) asked what was going on, when it later transpired she knew full well.  Her twin girls told Ashleigh that he had bullied her and been hitting her the whole party.

When she got home she burst in to tears again, told me this boy was chasing her round and kept hitting, pinching and pulling her etc, she said in the end she started hitting him back because he wouldn't leave her alone but that just made him worse.  She said he kept getting told off but completely ignored anyone who told him and carried on doing the exact same thing.  She also said the boys parents were staring at her and giving her dirty looks, which really made me feel gutted for her. Because if I was there, that would NOT have happened without a death occurring!

Basically she was used as a human pinata by a child related to the host, also two of his cousins.  She took her outfit off and was absolutely covered in pinch marks.

Angry Mum Alert

I put a massive rant up on Facebook, to let them know I was furious and they're all a bunch of twats, and their replies / justifications just made me even angrier.

After making out they didn't know what was going on when she was picked up, they then said "We all asked her if she was ok" and "she was more upset than hurt" and "All kids have marks and they were probably caused by the bouncy castle" as well as "I had 55 other kids to watch" and "She gave as good as she got"

Now considering she was alone, and the culprits were three of the hosts family, their arguments don't hold much weight. I would be utterly embarrassed if the tables were turned.  Granted they probably didn't witness all of it, and thought it was tit for tat.  But when you find out the child was covered in marks, your own children are telling you she was bullied and hit the entire time and the child is alone on the floor crying you realise it's gone a bit too or am I just completely unreasonable? I sometimes wonder!

To be fair this is the first time in her life I have ever known her to hit back, I'm always telling her to but it's just not in her nature, so I was quite surprise she did, especially in that environment. And the one time she does, the adults turn it on her as tit for tat.

So I have been seething with anger and guilt ridden since it happened and have doing a lot of thinking since she got home last night and I will never EVER leave my kids alone at a party again.  The more I think about it, the more ridiculous it sounds anyway, the hosts are obviously busy, so you can't realistically expect them to watch your child, albeit the unwritten rule that they do. And the only person responsible for my children is me.

I know there's no one to blame but myself as I shouldn't have left her, and it just goes to show, even at 36 with 5 kids I'm still learning!  My poor girl :(





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