What makes pensioners think they have priority in bus bays?

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One of my pet hates from back in the day, before I had the sense to pass my driving test and get a car was using public transport!  Buses in-particular were hideously stressful as a mother with a baby, pram and 10 shopping bags in tow.

Approaching the bus queue you would be praying there wasn't another pram ahead of you in the queue, so you didn't have the arduous task of juggling your baby, and trying to fold a pram whilst carrying all your shopping on to the bus single-handedly. 


Sometimes you were lucky enough to be see the bus coming, give it a quick scout and see the pram bay is full.  On further inspection you notice that it's just pensioners and there's no wheelchairs or prams......result!

So you get on, maneuver your way to the designated space and not one of them will make eye contact with you.  They are just sat there, pretending they haven't seen you...what now?

You pray that one of them will move, or the bus driver will back you up and ask them to move but nothing...

So you squeeze the pram in-between them, sighing and tutting the whole time, hoping they will realise the err of their ways, but of course, they don't.

This is about the time when your respect for the elderly goes flying out of the window, and it takes all your strength not to go in to full rant mode right there and then at the hateful, stubborn old gits.

So I just come across this rant on a spotted page, and it stirred all those memories back up:

Bus seat rant

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but is this person for real?

Why the hell should those mums have to fold up their prams, simply because some obese tub of lard can't be bothered to squeeze in to another seat?

I often see posts on social media from people saying that they have overheard young mothers ranting at the elderly for not moving out of those seats, and that for some reason people think the elderly should somehow warrant respect.  Respect is earned.....whatever the age.  Being over 60 doesn't earn you an instant right to respectability.   Peter Sutcliffe is 68 and he's still a mass murdering piece of shit.

People seem to be deluded when it comes to the actual rules/laws regarding those seats on buses, so, FYI here they are....

1) They are reserved for prams and/or Wheelchair users.

2) Neither takes preference, it's a first come first served basis.

3) They are not for the elderly, or anyone with a disability badge.

A high court judge recently ruled in favour of a mother who refused to move her pram for a wheelchair user, stating that those places are for the first that arrive out of the two they are designed for. 

Clearly, that woman was an uneducated idiot and morally should have moved, but there's always people like that in this world making us all look bad.   A wheelchair user (usually) can't just step out and fold it down to use a seat, whereas she could have done it with the pram, just to be a decent human being.

Where on earth people have got the misconception that they are for the elderly or disabled I will never know......if you can get your arse on the bus, you can certainly take a few extra steps to sit in any seat available.

Anyway, rant over.  As you were bus wankers.


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