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Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children on unfounded rubbish.

Vaccines save lives and prevent untold amounts of suffering. It's that simple. And yet, still, many parents refuse to vaccinate their children.


anti vaxxers

If you believe your child’s immune system is strong enough to fight off (vaccine-preventable) potential life-threatening diseases, then surely to god you believe it's strong enough to fight off the tiny amounts of dead or weakened pathogens present in any of the vaccines????

Not everyone around you is that strong though, not everyone has a choice, not everyone can fight those illnesses, and not everyone can be vaccinated for various reasons.

If you have a healthy child, then he/she child can cope with vaccines and should be vaccinated.  Otherwise you're inadvertently handing out death sentences for those children that can't be vaccinated, or can't fight of deadly illnesses that should and could be a thing of the past.

To those of you un-vaccinated who have luckily avoided childhood illnesses, you couldn’t do it without us folk that are vaccinated. Once the vaccination rates begin dropping, the less herd immunity will be able to protect your children. The more people you convert to your anti-vax stance, the quicker your luck will run out.

There is NO credible research to link vaccinations to autism and behavioral disorders, in fact there's been a dramatic increase in the two in the last 10 years.   So get a grip and stop playing god with your children on your unfounded bullshit you have read on Facebook 10 years ago.


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