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Working from home with twins......The pros, cons and tips!

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So for us self employed WAH folk, people think we're lucky being able to work from home and not need childcare you'd think!

I have always worked from home and with my last child (now 7) I found it really hard then, I soon had to put her in private nursery for 2 days a week just to get anything done.  That said, with childcare being extortionate for even one child, when you have twins it's pretty much unrealistic.

When the twins were first born it was easy, they pretty much slept all day, I even severely broke my wrist when they were 8 weeks old (week in hospital, plates and pins) and even then I continued working easily. 

Hell I was working from the hospital the day after they were born!  It's been since about the time they turned10 months I have found it increasingly difficult and every week it gets harder and harder!

So let's get down to the pros and cons...

The pros

  • Cost -  Cost is a massive factor and one of the biggest pros of being able to work from home and look after the kids yourself, I am saving a whopping £80 a day by looking after them myself.
  • Being able to spend time with them - That's something money can't buy.
  • The view - My god they're gorgeous.
  • Never Missing any important milestones - First steps, first tooth, first everything....I got to witness it.
  • Not having to trust your most precious possessions with anyone but yourself - Because let's face it, can you REALLY trust anyone? (I read the news waaaay too much)
  • Not having to worry about getting sacked - I'd be constantly taking time off when they're ill.  (Not just the twins, but with 5 kids you do have a LOT of illnesses and appointments like dentist, opticians etc)
  • Weight loss -  There's no time to eat, and on the odd occasion I do find time to eat lunch, it's always shared between the three of us.
  • The laughs!!! - The video below is one of my girls (Lola) absolutely hysterical at me wrapping parcels for Ebay...


And then there's the cons.....sooooooooooo many cons haha

  • The climbing, oh my god the CLIMBING - They literally tag team me, continually trying to climb up me one after another ALL DAY LONG. I am a tree and they are my monkeys!
  • Friends and family will start to really get on your nerves! - They seem to have no regard for the fact you are working from home and simply call in whenever it suits. I used to put them off all the time with a various array of excuses, but they soon wised up and now call unannounced, which really grips my shit, particularly when it's nap time.  I get 20 minutes in the morning and sometimes an hour in the afternoon where I can whizz through the housework and actually sit down and get some work done in peace, but no, 9 times out of 10 I'm sat entertaining some unwanted visitor. I mean they wouldn't just walk in to your office....
  • Not a minutes peace -  Even if you do get a break while they nap, I'm usually prepping tea, doing washing or tidying up the house while I can leave the room.  Once twins hit a certain age they can not under any circumstances be left alone.  They are in to everything and that usually means hurting themselves.  (Never peed so fast in my life as I do these days)
  • You can't concentrate on anything - Before the girls I'd sit at my laptop for hours, blogging, writing articles, designing websites etc and sometimes work from 8am until 1am without stopping.  Anyone in this game will know you have accounts for everything, that all need logging in and loads of pages up at any one time.  With the twins, you're interrupted continuously and I forget where I was ALL the time, everything logs out and on the odd occasion where they do a sneak attack on me and will smash the computer and close down everything.......that's my absolute favorite.
  • Broken equipment - The girls grab EVERYTHING.  This is a very touchy subject for me, my laptop is my pride and joy, it's how I make money to be able to afford to give my kids a good life. This does not bother the twins! No matter what I buy them, or how many toys they have, ALL they want is mommas laptop (Arrggghhh) - Mine has been in for repair no less than three times in as many months, with Esmee being the latest culprit, smashing my screen.  Here's Lola trying her hardest....see below.

baby sat on laptop

Some tips that help me through the week..

  • Grocery shopping online - You can get a delivery pass from Asda, Tesco etc for as little as £5 a month and get as many deliveries as you need.  This saves me bags of time, also the thought of taking these two shopping makes me want to cut my own legs off with a rusty knife anyway.
  • Learn To Work In 5 Minute Increments - Gone are the days of plunking down at the computer for hours of concentration. With babies, you learn to work in pockets of time, being able to stop quickly and re-engage even faster.

  • Accept help - Whether it's family or friends, if someone wants to take your little treasures on a walk....let them! You might have to put up with them coming an hour early and then not leaving for an hour after they drop them back, but the things you can get done in the time they're out will shock you #SuperWoman
  • Learn how to type with one hand -  I can't stress enough how important this is, trust me you're going to need to learn to do it, and fast! One hand is always needed to push down those climbing monkeys haha

  • Work while they sleep - If you possibly can, try to do as much as you can when they're asleep or in bed at night.  It will feel like you NEVER get a break but if you try to do too much while they're away it will start stressing you out too much.  It's not their fault they're in your office!  They have no clue what you're trying to do, they just want momma. 

  • Hire a cleaner - If cost isn't a factor, get someone in for a few hours a week just to take some of the pressure of the housework off your load.  3 hours a week is only around £30 and an absolute godsend.

So to sum up, working from home with twins is bloody hard, sometimes my friends say I deserve a medal and to be honest, I think I do too.  I juggle constantly to feel like I am getting anything accomplished, whether it is taking care of the girls, keeping our house reasonably clean, making time for the older three (and my partner), or getting business tasks accomplished. I struggle with constantly feeling like no matter what I'm doing at the moment, there are a million other things I should be doing.

For me, working from home with the twins isn't a choice based on the pros, £80 a day just isn't doable....Roll on full time education!





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