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Why park next to me in an empty car park?

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Why park next to me in an empty car park?

A simple request/plea from all us twin mums (and dads) oh and parents with 2 or more under 5s out there.....if the car park is empty and you see my car, alone, minding it's own business.....please for the love of god don't park next to me, bog off and park somewhere else. Why do people do this? It grips my absolute shit.

There is absolutely no need for you to come next to my car, it's not lonely and it's in the abyss for a very good reason.   We park in the middle of nowhere purposely to have access to both sides, yet without fail when you get back from dragging your demon duo around the shops it's almost guaranteed that some giant anus will have parked right next to you.....often close enough to block access.

Why? just why...

park next to me empty car park

There's never any parent/child spaces left (mainly due to lazy people using them for no reason) so the next best option is to drive in to the very back of the car park where there's hardly any vehicles around and find the biggest, most unlikely space you can find so that you can safely open your doors and strap your little darlings in.

Unless you're a mum or dad of twins you will never even be able to comprehend the ordeal that is 'shopping'.  So please please PLEASE remember this post and if you see a random 7 seater, giant mini bus type vehicle in the middle of nowhere, it's probably a long suffering parent of twins that doesn't need you so far up their arse you are practically touching.

Aside from it being annoying, it's also kinda creepy, in a weird 'gap filling OCD' kind of way. 




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