Wednesday, 19 April 2017 13:22

One Of The Twins Has Started Grinding Her Teeth.....Noooooooo

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The good old days....before she had teeth! The good old days....before she had teeth!

So today, the worst thing EVER happened to me, one of my darling twin girls (Esmee) started grinding her teeth...

The sound it makes, makes my entire body want to curl up and die, the noise is excruciating - like fingers down a blackboard. I actually feel faint when she does it.

I don't even know how to stop it, at present I'm giving a firm "no" and shoving my finger between her teeth when she does it, also distraction techniques like food and drink.  She doesn't have a dummy but I'm seriously starting to regret that decision, as I'm sure that would do the trick.

She's 13 months old now and only recently acquired the offending teeth (bottom) she's had the tops since about 10 months.

There's no pattern, she doesn't do it when she's tired, upset or anything like that, she just does it ALL the time.  It's like she learned how to do it and now it's her favourite thing (deep joy).  I Googled it, and apparently it's very common in young babies who are teething.  Now I have had 5 kids and she's the only one that's done it, so I suppose I got off lightly really.

My only saving grace at the moment is that both of them aren't doing it, my god could you imagine!!!


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It's safe to say, if she doesn't stop this soon, she's going up for adoption...


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