Tuesday, 16 May 2017 10:18

New Front Door Sign....Don't Knock Or Ring The Bell, Twins Sleeping

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Don't Wake The Twins Door Sign Don't Wake The Twins Door Sign

I can't even begin to explain how hard it it to get twins of toddler age to have a nap in sync, so when by some miracle you finally get them off for an hour......a glorious hour of silence, and some absolute effing moron wakes them up, Miss Murder A Lot wants to come out to play.

Normally it's delivery companies, as I tend to online shop.......a lot! Well, let's face it, shopping is an arduous enough task alone, never mind with twins coupled with the fact hardly any shops do twin trolleys

But how do they seem to ONLY call the second I get the girls off to sleep?

This has been an ongoing problem since day one, I have already disconnected the door bell, which for some reason was wired in to the mains of my house.  But that just led to people banging the door like they were being chased by a gang of serial killers

So yesterday was the final straw, it was day three in a row of the door waking them up before they were ready, day three of screaming the house down and day three of me ranting about it on Facebook.  It was 2pm, TV off, curtains closed, bottle of juice each in complete silence and darkness.  After about half an hour of tandem screaming and climbing out of their chairs and waking each other up crying they were FINALLY asleep.  10 minutes in and I have done 3 hours worth of house work and am just sitting down to check my emails and BANG the door knocks, I answer it and by some miracle of god they slept through it. 

So sit back down, around 10 minutes later I can hear some chirpy fool whistling outside and knocking my neighbours house, he was that loud knocking next door they started to stir.  So still trying to get some work done whilst rocking them with a foot each to try and settle them back off, the absolute prick starts banging on my they're crying, I'm trying my hardest to ignore him and get them back off and he knocks again!! I'm now in two minds as to stay and try and get the girls back off or answer the door and punch him straight in the face. 

Anyway he went off on his merry way and I had to put up with the girls in a foul mood for the rest of the day!! So drastic action had to be taken and I decided to erect a sign.

I am hoping it will do the job, because if I have to have another day of screaming the house down for almost an hour due to the girls not having enough sleep, I think I will go serial killer on anyone that knocks the door.






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