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My Child Burns Worse With Sun Cream On!

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So who knew you could have an allergy to sun cream? I certainly didn't until my little girl had it, I blamed myself so badly every time she burnt until I found the answer....

When my little girl was born 9 years ago, already having two children I pretty much thought I had motherhood down to a T, until at 4 months old I managed to get her face sunburnt!!!


I can honestly say I have never in my life felt giult like it,  when trying to explain myself to people I felt like they were thinking I was full of shit and MUST have had her out in the sun with no cream on and for too long, but truth was, she was out the back garden for around 3 hours in the shade the entire time.

Anyway I put it down to experience and vowed never EVER to make the same mistake again, so by next summer I was armed with sunsafe suits, factor 50 creams, sprays, roll ons and hats!!

My neighbour asked one lovely day if she could take her to the beach for a few hours, she is the worlds most paranoid person when it comes to child safety so I knew I didn't have to worry, I plastered her in cream, dressed her in her gear and sent her off on her way.  The minute she came back I could see the sunburn on her face, my neighbour was absolutely distraught and had reapplied the cream every hour.  I just couldn't explain it, my other kids were fine!

But again myself and my neighbour just blamed ourselves, this time thinking maybe the cream wasn't up to scratch? We needed to reapply every half hour? Was she sweating it off?

So fast-forward to summer #3 - The first nice day, plastered her in Ambre solaire and sent her off to her dads, her nan (who is again very good with things like this) brought her back almost in tears, promising me she had been putting cream on all day, and apologising for secretly thinking I had been careless the times it had happened when she was in my care.  So that's when I decided to get a doctors appointment as I had heard about prescription sun cream that was meant to be total block.

At the doctors I felt awful telling her that she had been burned three years in a row, and only a mere 3 years herself, but the doctor was fab and instantly said she must have a sun intolerance and that there's certain ingredients in 99% of sun creams that actually react to this type of skin allergy and make them burn worse......who knew? I certainly didn't, I bloody with I had though because I would have saved her all that pain.

Anyway she was prescribed 'Sun Sense' sun cream and oh my god for the first time in ever, she could go out in the sun. I was told she should be kept out of it in peak times, always wear sun safe clothing and always wear a hat.  This coupled with the cream has been a life saver!

She's 9 now and still follows the same regime, apparently they can/do grow out of it, but I'm not prepared to test the theory.

8 Year old with sun safe suit on

I can not recommend this product enough to people who's children are still burning despite using lashings of factor 50.

Here's What To Get And Where To Get It...

The main cream, I buy a huge 500ml bottle (as below) it's pricey at around £20 delivered but you can't put a price on your child's health and well-being.  This one's really big and lasts all summer. Get it HERE

sunsense 500ml

This is one specifically for the face, it's thicker and tends to run less, the body one can run in to their eye and it irritates them. Get it HERE

sun sense face

This is the roll on version, I haven't personally bothered with this, but it's more for convenience I believe.  Get it HERE


If you notice the roll on has packaging specifically tailored to 'kids' but there's no difference except an price increase....I use the normal one on all my kids, and the twins have used it since they were newborn with no problems.





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