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I Think One Of My Twins May Have Autism...

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This picture perfectly sums up the twins, Lola loves her sister, Esmée doesn't feel the same.... This picture perfectly sums up the twins, Lola loves her sister, Esmée doesn't feel the same....

I can't even believe I'm saying this but I have this awful feeling one of my 14 month old twin girls has Autism, I started thinking it when she was around 11 months and the nagging feeling won't go away....

Everyone thinks I'm being silly and she's just "in her own world" but after hours of reading online articles, watching videos and taking tests I am now convinced she has it.

With twins it's nigh on impossible not to compare them, as much as you know you shouldn't.  But when one is so different to the other, it's hard not to.  I have been giving it time, hoping she would catch up to her sister but she just doesn't seem to be doing so.

There's no genetic link in my family, I believe it's something to do with birth trauma, she was 5 weeks early and a cord prolapse birth, luckily this happened in the ambulance half way to hospital and as soon as it did, the blue lights went on and we were there in seconds to what looked like the entire hospitals staff scrubbed in and ready for us (for which I am eternally grateful) they were in ICU for only 5 days and that was mainly for feeding issues and preventative antibiotics.......although Lola was on oxygen, but it's Esmée I have the concerns about which is odd.

I don't know much about cord prolapse but I do know it's likely that there was some cord compression during my pregnancy as there was two babies weight and the cord was obviously underneath them all (hence the prolapse) and cord compression = less oxygen, which is linked to brain injury and Autism.  But why was Lola given oxygen and not Esmée? Did they get the wrong twin? did they check both of them or assume Lola was the prolapse? These are questions that have been swimming through my mind, not for any reason other than knowing.  Even if there was some kind of error, I owe my girls life to the amazing team, the girls wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them.  Esmée was transverse and Lola was breach (causing trouble since day 1)

So The Signs...

The first and most prominent is the fact she seems to be in a world of her own.

  • She ignores her name being called, she knows full well you're calling as sometimes you can see her looking out of the corner of her eye, or if I have something like food and she's hungry she will look at my hand and then decide to come over......take the food and back to the TV.
  • She is utterly obsessed with BabyTV she stands next to the TV and rocks back and forth watching it all day.  If we go out the back garden which is like a babies adventure playground, she bangs on the back door until it's opened, then waddles straight back to the TV.
  • She hates her sister - Lola is rather dominating and will snatch things off her, instead of fighting back she just walks away.  She can't be bothered with any sort of altercation, she's a very placid child.  Lola tries her hardest to engage in play with her but she just walks off.
  • She never makes eye contact - Lola can't wait to get my attention for any reason whereas Esmée couldn't give a toss.  I try moving in front of her to make her look at me and she just looks away.
  • She has repetitive behavior, such as smacking her ear, leaning her head back and flinging it forward and flicking my bra strap (for some reason)
  • Play - Lola will play with dolls and kiss them, say aww baba and phones and say hiya etc whereas Esmée doesn't really role play, her favourite thing to do is sit in the ball pit, grab two balls and bang them together, or use her index finger to twist or twirl something.
  • Speech - Esmée can't say any words yet, she makes funny noises.  Lola can say loads of things, mumma, dada, hiya, baba, gone, oh no.
  • Understanding - I can say to Lola, have you pooed and she will stick her tongue out and say errrrr, I say get me a nappy and she goes straight over and brings me one.  Esmée doesn't understand any instructions just yet, or at least I don't think she does.....either that or she's just ignoring me as per usual.

I don't know if these things are related but Esmée grinds her teeth (eeeeekkk) has an unimaginable high pitched scream and has suffered with constipation for as long as I can remember, even though she drinks copious amounts of juice, water and milk.

Things she is doing...

  • Clapping - She does this when asked too (not sure if that's a good thing or another sign)
  • Indian waa waa (God knows what this is really called) Where you tap your mouth and make Red Indian noises.
  • Kisses - She gives her dad a kiss on demand, mind you if I ask for one she kisses him again grrrr
  • Sleep - She loves a daytime nap and is a perfect angel at bedtime (we have had the same routine since birth, bath, play on bed, bottle and sleep)
  • Eating - She will eat anything and has a great appetite.
  • Walking, she started properly at about 12 months and although she's a lot more unstable than her show off sister, she's got it down.

Esmée Normal Day...

This clip shows how she completely ignores us and is utterly obsessed with BabyTV, Whereas her twin sister barely notices the TV and would rather interact.



I read online that there's an early intervention process and the quicker you get the ball rolling, the better it is for the child and they an even reverse the effects of autism......but I don't want to ring the health visitor and sound like I have Münchhausen syndrome.

I'll probably just wait and see, and hope she IS just in her own never know she could just be a mini me, I pretty much hate everyone and everything haha.






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