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Finding out I was pregnant with twins - Shock of my life!

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My 20 week twin scan - Already sparring partners! My 20 week twin scan - Already sparring partners!

The day I found out I was having twins was one of the most surreal of my entire 36 years.  There was laughter, hysterics and tears.....soooo many tears.

Looking back, all the warning signs were there, the debilitating sickness being the main one.  At my first midwife appointment I mentioned how sick I was, and that it was out of my 4 pregnancies the worst sickness to date, she replied with "well, that, coupled with your age, weight, height and previous pregnancies, I'd say you were a likely candidate for twins" I just laughed and though "shut up you daft cow" in my head and we moved on to the booking in......little did I know, she was spot on!!

I remember making jokes about it in the next few weeks to my partner, thinking there wasn't a chance in HELL I was carrying twins, well how could I be? There's no twins in my family or his.....oh how naive was I. 

So we go to the scan like every other scan I have been to, a little worried in case there was something wrong but excited as hell to see my lovely little boy (I was convinced it was a boy, his name was Ricky).

The instant she put the bloody scanner on my stomach I seen it straight away.......not one but TWO babies inside me......inside my stomach, oh my GOD!!!

I screamed at the sonographer "there's two, Oh my god there's two....tell me.....tell me, don't lie" she just looked up at me with this expression on her face, it was a kind of 'I feel sorry for you but HAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA' and nodded her head.  I was literally hysterical at this point, I burst out crying but was saying things and laughing my head off at the same time.......hysteria basically!

Everything was swimming through my mind, first off being the pregnancy, how in the name of god was I going to carry two babies inside me? One was bad enough! I hate, no loathe pregnancy, I literally moan for 9 months.  I am a horrendous pregnant person, so this is going to be tough.  Plus I suffer with obstetric cholestasis in pregnancy (ICP) and I hear it's worse in twin pregnancies.

My pregnant stomach at 30 weeks pregnant.

twin pregnant belly picture

  Those shirt buttons are on the verge of taking some fuckers eye out!

Then there's the practicalities to think about,

  • Money - We could comfortably afford to have another child, but two?
  • Space - Where on earth am I going to put all these children, although we have a 4 bedroom home, I have 3 older children and none of them prepared to share with twins!

Worst part was, I am that person who used to always say to people when they we're having multiples "oh my god, I could NEVER cope with twins". "Rather you than me" and general 'bugger that for a laugh' clichés. 

My partner was however, over the moon.  I believe this had a lot to do with the fact they were his first and the daft git had no idea what the twin tsunami were about to bring to our lives.  He did however say I was putting a downer on the best day of his life by being so devastated about it, but what can you can't help how you feel.  I just couldn't help thinking back to my other children, and how hard it was when they hit about 1 years old, until they were in full time school haha. 

I just couldn't get my head around how we would cope with doing everything that being a new parent entails twice over!

When we told people, most people said they were jealous and have always wanted twins and that we were blessed to have two etc, all but the twin parents, who well....just laughed their heads off at us. They knew what we had in store!

So unfortunately I wasn't one of those perfect parents who thought about all the people who can't have kids and counted my blessings, I was absolutely bricking it.  I didn't want two babies, I just wanted one and couldn't help feel utter dread about the future.

Anyway, after a while, once I had got over the shock, I started getting used to the idea.  At the 20 week scan we found out it was girls, another big shock as I was convinced by then that Ricky had a brother.

So if you find yourself reading this and you're on the same page, don't worry, it's a shock and not everyone is thrilled about having twins, but you will get over it and dare I say.....even get a little excited.





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