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B&Ms and Wilkos don't do twin trolleys.....why???

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So today I decided to take my gruesome twosome shopping, this is not something I do lightly, but I was getting cabin fever and really missing my fix of B&M Bargains.  So I went for it, after about an hour of dressing, redressing after a vomiting incident, packing the bag, putting on the coats and strapping two flailing screaming 1 year olds in to their car-seats, I was SET!!

Pulls up to Wilkos first, had a quick scout and couldn't see any twin trolleys, so I had to set up the pram, put them both in, go find a manager, only to be told "Sorry madam, as a company we don't offer double trolleys"........BRILLIANT.   So put twins back in the car, fold up pram,  put it back in the boot and off to B&Ms.

Guess what? Same again, even the single ones didn't have straps!!! Poor show.


So after about 2 hours of stress, screaming, crying, huffing and puffing (me not the girls) I went home deflated and empty handed.

I put a cheeky post on B&Ms and Wilkos Facebook pages, Wilkos ignore me (grrr) and I had an amusing reply from B&Ms which I was impressed with, but still doesn't solve the fact that unless I shove a child up my arse, on my head or drag it on a lead behind me, I can't shop in their stores unless I have a chaperone.


BandM twin trolley complaint

Twins are on the rise, loads of my friends have twins, even all the celebrities are getting in on the act, Beyonce, George Clooney, J Lo, Maria name a few.  It's undeniable, twins are taking over the universe.  It's not even so much about twins, millions more parents have 2 children that they can't allow to run around the shop like feral animals whilst they're trying to shop.

Luckily all Major supermarkets seem to have a vast array of trolleys for every situation, but this is futile as most twin parents, or parents with two under 5s usually avoid shopping with them like the plague, and with the added bonus of 'delivery saver', most of us get our shopping delivered so as not to have to face the horror that is shopping with two babies!

What do we want? TWIN TROLLEYS.....When do we want them? YESTERDAY.


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