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Tuesday, 16 May 2017 11:30
Miss Rant A Lot New Front Door Sign....Don't Knock Or Ring The Bell, Twins Sleeping this is my…
Tuesday, 16 May 2017 11:11

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There are 2 things in life for which we're never truly prepared...TWINS
Twin Life

Twin Life

As you know, I have been 'blessed' with twins, the demon duo seem to pretty much be the source of most of my rants these days, so felt it only right to dedicate a section to my little terrors.


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I can't even begin to explain how hard it it to get twins of toddler age to have a nap in sync, so when by some miracle you finally get them off for an hour......a glorious hour of silence, and some absolute effing moron wakes them up, Miss Murder A Lot wants to come out to play.

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I can't even believe I'm saying this but I have this awful feeling one of my 14 month old twin girls has Autism, I started thinking it when she was around 11 months and the nagging feeling won't go away....

Everyone thinks I'm being silly and she's just "in her own world" but after hours of reading online articles, watching videos and taking tests I am now convinced she has it.

With twins it's nigh on impossible not to compare them, as much as you know you shouldn't.  But when one is so different to the other, it's hard not to.  I have been giving it time, hoping she would catch up to her sister but she just doesn't seem to be doing so.

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So today, the worst thing EVER happened to me, one of my darling twin girls (Esmee) started grinding her teeth...

The sound it makes, makes my entire body want to curl up and die, the noise is excruciating - like fingers down a blackboard. I actually feel faint when she does it.

I don't even know how to stop it, at present I'm giving a firm "no" and shoving my finger between her teeth when she does it, also distraction techniques like food and drink.  She doesn't have a dummy but I'm seriously starting to regret that decision, as I'm sure that would do the trick.

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The day I found out I was having twins was one of the most surreal of my entire 36 years.  There was laughter, hysterics and tears.....soooo many tears.

Looking back, all the warning signs were there, the debilitating sickness being the main one.  At my first midwife appointment I mentioned how sick I was, and that it was out of my 4 pregnancies the worst sickness to date, she replied with "well, that, coupled with your age, weight, height and previous pregnancies, I'd say you were a likely candidate for twins" I just laughed and though "shut up you daft cow" in my head and we moved on to the booking in......little did I know, she was spot on!!

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So for us self employed WAH folk, people think we're lucky being able to work from home and not need childcare you'd think!

I have always worked from home and with my last child (now 7) I found it really hard then, I soon had to put her in private nursery for 2 days a week just to get anything done.  That said, with childcare being extortionate for even one child, when you have twins it's pretty much unrealistic.

When the twins were first born it was easy, they pretty much slept all day, I even severely broke my wrist when they were 8 weeks old (week in hospital, plates and pins) and even then I continued working easily. 

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So today I decided to take my gruesome twosome shopping, this is not something I do lightly, but I was getting cabin fever and really missing my fix of B&M Bargains.  So I went for it, after about an hour of dressing, redressing after a vomiting incident, packing the bag, putting on the coats and strapping two flailing screaming 1 year olds in to their car-seats, I was SET!!

Pulls up to Wilkos first, had a quick scout and couldn't see any twin trolleys, so I had to set up the pram, put them both in, go find a manager, only to be told "Sorry madam, as a company we don't offer double trolleys"........BRILLIANT.   So put twins back in the car, fold up pram,  put it back in the boot and off to B&Ms.

Guess what? Same again, even the single ones didn't have straps!!! Poor show.

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