Social rape....are you a victim of needy friends?

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What is social rape?

Not to be confused with conventional rape, where a person inflicts themselves upon you physically.  This version is rape of the mental kind....also known as friend rape.

The offender may already be a friend, or even be a friend of a friend that you can't shake off.

So lets start with 'New friends'...

You might be on a night out with friends and there's always a few others you don't know, some you may hit it off with, some you just say hi to upon entering and that's about it.  Sometimes though, these outsiders take a liking to you, and no matter how much you try to politely brush off their advances, you know they want to be your BFF within the week!


It usually starts with a Facebook request, then they like a random picture from you know they have just stalked the shit out of your profile.  Then they start to comment on all your status', followed by inbox's suggesting you meet up with the kids for a dreaded 'play date'.

You don't want to be rude but this persons really starting to get on your nerves now, they just won't take no for an answer.


Then we come to your actual friends....

The ones who are supposed to know you, they can often be the worst offenders.

They turn up at your house unannounced, and sit around for hours, even though they are fully aware they have interrupted your housework or work (especially if you work from home as I do)

They get offended if you dare to go out with other friends and haven't invited them.

They constantly ask if everything's ok if you don't text them a daily update of your every move.

They ask you if they have done something wrong, or upset you because you haven't replied to their text within 30 seconds.....and OF COURSE they text you via watsapp, so there's no getting away from them knowing that you have read the text.   Am I the only one that read s a text, and then often decide to reply later, when I'm less busy and actually have 5 minutes to chat?

Then you have the ones that (and this is my biggest pet hate) probe you with personal questions constantly.  If I wanted you to know the ins and outs of my entire life, I would offer up the information.  Don't pretend you're worried or're just nosey!

No-one likes a needy friend, especially ones that can't take a subtle hint.

Anyway, if you like me get annoyed the hell out of by being socially raped, just share this post (hell, tag them in it if needs must)  and hopefully they will get the hint ;)


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