Ridiculous misspellings of business names

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Sometimes I think Facebook has bred a nation of stupid people, but then I realise, there was always stupid people about......Facebook just brings them to your doorstep.

I admin a large selling group on Facebook and lately I have noticed an influx of stupidity.  Wait for it........People actually spelling their own businesses name incorrectly *SIGH*

And I don't mean when it's done purposely, like skool or kool etc, I mean when the owner clearly has the IQ of potato.

Some offenders include 'Bulldouge removals' and 'Fabulouse hair'

I find it hard to believe that Fabuouse Hair is some kind of weird play on why would any hair salon want to have the word louse in the title....Yuk!




I just can not comprehend how you can get the spelling of your business wrong, or have something totally inappropriate like 'Vagina Tandoori' as the name for your restaurant, and that no one would even politely pull you up on it.  Do these people have no friends? Family?

Now I totally get that some people aren't great at spelling and grammar.....I don't profess to be an expert by any means, but for fuck sake, your own business, really! Surely these people have friends or family with an IQ greater than potato? Could they not have told them before they went plastering it all over the place?


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