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Parents who make their children obese.

With the exception of medical reasons, any parent who allows their child to get obese should be arrested for child abuse.  It should be up there with sexual, physical and emotional.  It's absolutely disgusting and the parents should be extremely ashamed.  You are literally killing your child and dooming them to a miserable life of bullying and unhappiness.


obese child


People often refer to it as 'killing with kindness' I don't see what's kind about it in the slightest.  Your spolt little brat demands a pie and you give it to them? The kinder (healthier) option would be to give them a banana for christ sake

Children need discipline, and it's a parents duty to instil this in them.  Would you allow your 5 year old to drive a car? No, because it's dangerous.  Would you let your 6 year old go out to play until 10pm? No because it's dangerous.  So why can't you say no to food?

Fussy kids? Again your fault..

My kids say they don't like this and don't like that, but when they know they won't get anything else they soon give it a go.  As a mother you should be able to tell when your child genuinely doesn't like something and when he/she would just rather not eat it.

Children with food phobias......Always 100% the parents fault.  (Read up on it if you don't believe me) It has always amazed me how parents never seem to take the blame for their children.  Children learn almost everything off their parents and bad parents = bad children.


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