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Strangers that try to be funny!

The older generation are usually guilty of this, I remember my grandfather was always cracking awkward and unfunny jokes, even as a child it (he) used to get right on my nerves.

Shopkeepers who try to piss about when giving you change....cringe!

Now I'm 5ft 10, covered in tattoos and far from you average smiley school mum, in fact most people that meet me can't believe I'm actually rather nice.  I just have no tolerance for strangers, I don't feel the need to slap on a fake smile all day nor chat shit to people I don't know.   So these situations are few and far between for me, but then there's always one idiot....

Another recent example was when I was trying to pay my sons fees for his St Johns club.  I stupidly didn't take the correct money, so I asked if she had change of a twenty, to which she repeatedly replied "who me" Urm yes "Ohh you want change" Umm obviously "are you sure" Give me fucking strength, have you got change or not? To which she bursts out laughing and her colleague thinks it's hilarious as well.  I'm literally just stood these giving her the death glare.  Now normally I would just turn on my heels and walk away but my kids love their club so I was forced to stay.



Know how to avoid...

You can generally spot one of these annoying types by the huge roar of laughter after every 'joke' they tell only coming from themselves. 

You then have the equally annoying 'nice' types who will play along and smile or these people are equally as bad, for giving these people a platform from which to annoy.  They encourage the madness and should be ashamed.....very ashamed!!

I am the type of person who simply can not pander to these peoples egos, you will spot my type from a mile off...we're the ones staring in complete and utter disgust.


So, to sum up...

In NO circumstances is it ever acceptable to try and 'tease' a complete's awkward, uncomfortable and fucking annoying!


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