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 People who stop a conversation to answer their petulant children.

So you're there having a conversation with a friend and the whole time all you hear is "Muuuuuum, mum, mummy" or even worse your friend will completely cut you dead to pander to her snotty nosed little troll.

Now this seems like a relatively new gripe, as when I was a child I wasn't even allowed in the room when my mother was having her daily cuppa and a gossip.  I was banished to the living room, or sent to play with her friends children who were always dead set on trashing my bedroom. 

Little did my mother know, that we used to simply sit on the top of the landing ear-wigging....and admittedly not having a clue what they were on about, it just sounded juicy!

Children who interrupt adults aren't to blame, it's the parents that allow it.  Hence why I refuse point blank to engage in any conversation with an adult that allows this behavior.  It bugs the shit out of me and adds to my despair of the human race.

disrespectful Children

Is your child a little dictator?

Well, children need to understand that their own individual rights should not supersede the individual rights of others. Teaching respect for others is important. Don’t allow a child interrupt conversations, talk disrespectfully, or take advantage of situations. The child needs to understand that parents and siblings have rights too, as this understanding carries over to all other aspects of the child’s social interactions.

Spoiled children have an unrealistic sense of entitlement that impedes proper social and emotional development. Parental firmness is not synonymous with cruelty. The sooner a child learns that the world will not yield to her requests, the happier and more well-adjusted she will be.


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