Drug smuggling British grandmother Lindsay Sandiford to face firing squad in Bali

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I came across this story today, and was at first shocked and felt really sorry for this woman, my opinion soon changed...

"A British grandmother has been told she has been listed for execution for cocaine smuggling in Bali.  She is to face death by firing squad.

Julian Ponder and Rachel Dougall were dealt with extremely leniently, with just jail sentences, for their part in the same smuggling ring which must have come as a huge blow, and is her main focus in her case to get the death sentence quashed."


There's a big campaign set up about her being "abandoned" by our government.  She has appealed the Supreme Court here for taxpayer funding, and has failed to get it after exhaustive consideration of all the arguments.

Question is, why the hell should us tax payers fund her legal case? She was caught red-handed carrying £1.6 million worth of class A drugs in a country which is infamous for executing drug smugglers. What did she expect would happen?

Although I do not support the Death Penalty at all, Ms Sandiford knew full well the penalty for drug smuggling in Bali.  Especially as she spent so many years as a legal clerk, and the fact there's big signs saying 'THE PENALTY FOR DRUG SMUGGLING IS DEATH' prominently displayed at all ports of entry across Asia.


 Lyndsay sandiford



When female drug mules are caught, they always plead they are the victim. I have no sympathy with anyone who is a drug mule they know what they are doing and cry wolf when they are captured.

She didn't think about the lives she would be helping to destroy either, only the money she would make.

She took the risk and got caught it is a simple as that!  Sadly, she will now probably pay the ultimate penalty for her gross stupidity.


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