If you constantly tell people you're a good're probably not!

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I have noticed lately that some people keep reiterating that they are a good person on every social media post. Facebook has become a place to create a fake self-image, please the ego and desperately seek attention.  It's more like '50 shades of cray' these days.

You know the types, they're easily spotted, they are the ones with 500,00 selfies on their walls, and they refer to everyone as 'babe'.  They are always single, and for some reason constantly post about wanting/needing a man/woman and how they "deserve" it.


Why do these mentally unstable types insist on ramming it down our throats on a daily basis about what a great gal or guy they might be.....if they were, I'm pretty sure we could come to that conclusion based on their actions, rather than needing them repeatedly telling us!

Well, I decided to dig deeper...

Researchers at the University of Wolverhampton, explain that neurotics' heavy activity on Facebook is a compensation for their offline deficiencies.

"As socially anxious individuals, they see Facebook as a safe place for self-expression and to compensate for their offline deficiencies"

"Our findings suggest 'neurotics' seek acceptance implicitly through intensive photo uploads to look more attractive and popular online and to ‘keep up with the Joneses'."

Now you would think that everyone would hate people who tend to seek attention and show off over-actively. However, It seems to be well-tolerated on the Internet, with people even encouraging the behavior.

good person meme

In reality, these people are worse than the actual offenders, by fueling the fire, they are just encouraging the crazy. 

So why don't I delete these people I hear you ask.....well for one, I would have nothing to roll my eyes at on a daily basis. Secondly, if you delete someone off social media that you might see on a daily basis, on the school-run or what-not, you then might get asked why, how do you explain that to someone? It's not like you hate them, you just think that they're fucking mental.



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