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Doctors appointments

From the minute you have to book, the process is one that fills me with dread.  My doctors surgery opens the phone lines at 8.30am and they have limited appointments, that are usually all taken by 8.35.  It takes a good 45 minutes to get through, with your fingers repeatedly on redial.  Most surgeries open at 8am, except mine!!! The school run is at the exact same time they open, so the chances of getting an appointment are slim to none.

Then when you finally get through, you have the receptionists to deal with....I'm not entirely sure what qualifies them to ask you what your ailment is, for them to determine whether or not they will give you an appointment, but it's horrendously intrusive and inappropriate.

Doctors Appointment Hell

Then you have the wait, unless you're seeing the nurse you had better sit your arse down and expect to be there for a good hour. 

And not forgetting my absolute favourite part of it all.....handing in a urine sample in front of a room full of people!!!


#5 Un-Vaccinated Children




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