Diversion Selfies - Stop pretending that pic wasn't to show off your assets!

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So, selfies have taken over the planet, and it seems peoples minds.  Now we're all guilty of a cheeky selfie or two when we're drunk, or looking good, but for some it's turning in to an addiction. or just an attention-seeking mission. 

It's when the selfie is accompanied with a banal quote that has nothing to do with that "duck face" expression, it gets laughable.


A psychological study was recently undertaken and indicated that the more selfies you share on social media, the less likeable you become. Thankfully, there is a cure for this ghastly ailment: Stop taking so many effing selfies.

99% percent of the time, selfies end up as dull reminders of someone’s narcissism, particularly 'Diversion Selfies'.....this is the act of taking a selfie with a misleading caption.  Often done to make the perpetrator feel less ridiculous for uploading a blatant attention seeking picture of their semi-naked body. Almost always taken by those annoying, self-absorbed people who chronicalize every mundane detail of their lives by posting selfies.

Here's some examples...


'Jus chillin, having a glass of wine'




OMG it's pissing down out there #caughtintherain

raining diversion selfie



 Just had my hair done, not sure if I like it...

hair diversion selfie



Can't believe the mess on this bathroom #abs

ab diversion selfie


Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with a scantily clad selfie, in the right place/context.  If you post a pic of your gorgeous six pack, or voluptuous knockers then own that shit.

Instead of a cringe-worthy caption (See pics above) just admit you're looking good, in need of an attention fix, and don't care who knows it.

So, be aware 'diversion selfie' whores; we know what you're up to, we don't believe for one minute that the purpose of your picture was to show your friends your new necklace, and we're laughing at you......lots!



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