Why are corned beef tins so dangerous?

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So today I decided to make a corned beef pie...

After fighting with those square shaped devil tins for about half an hour, in the end I gave up and started hacking in to it with a giant cleaver. It was like something out of a horror movie! I finally managed to cut the stupidly shaped tin with the cleaver (as well as my finger), and scoop out the insides with a tea spoon.

I managed to (of course) almost lose a finger in the process, so while I was trying to stop the flow of blood and telling a can of meat it was an absolute arsehole, I stared to wonder why, after all the god damned bloody years of technology has no one invented a tin of corned beef you can actually open without losing a digit? Don't even get me started on that ridiculous key that snapes EVERY time.


More than 60,000 people require hospital treatment each year after injuring themselves opening difficult packaging, Corned beefs tins are the most common cause of finger cuts and amputations, Corned beef tins are accountable for 14% of all packaging accidents!! WTF

I really don't get it? Why can't it just come in a cylindrical tin, like every other tinned food? Everyone has a tin opener, but no! We're going to put it in a trapezoidal prism shaped tin! You've got to use the stupid key! And even then it breaks in half, leaving you with no choice but to use a knife, or a spoon.


finger cut on corned beef tin


I posted my annoyance on my Facebook page and was amazed at the amount of people on my friends list that had been hospitalised from corned beef tin opening.

Was the pie worth it? God yeah...


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