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Bus wankers

Once I passed my driving test, I never looked back.  The only method of public transport I will brave these days is a taxi.....and that's at a push.  Small talk with strangers really annoys me, I find silence perfectly comfortable.  No matter how dismissive you are, taxi drivers never seem to get the hint, that I'm not a 'chit chat' type of gal.


Bus Wanker


Now there are a few types of bus wankers:

1: The sit next to me wanker....

You know the one, there's seats all over the place, you purposely sit on the outside with your bag on the inside to try and make the space look inaccessible, the 'sit next to you wanker' struts on and BANG eye thing you know they're just stood there next to you, then they utter those immortal words "Is this seat taken".  It's like some kind of sick joke, I purposely look around the bus to let everyone including the 'sit next to me wanker' know that I'm fully aware there's other places for him/her to sit and that I'm suitably furious about having to share my seat with a stranger.

2: The smelly one...

Don't really need to elaborate on this one, usually old or a drunk, reeks of piss or dead bodies. On entry of the bus, people start reaching for the windows.

3: The chav mum...

The kids squawking the place down, mums dragged little Shaniqua around town all day and it's pissed!  The McDonalds toy's doing noting to curb it's screams and I'm seriously contemplating telling chav mum to get off her Iphone 6 and sort out her clearly distressed child. She daren't take the child out of the pram though, as the 56 shopping bags will have that pram on it's back in a flash.

4: The horrible old wanker...

Now these were always my biggest hate.  Chav mum try's to get her pram in to the section that is specifically provided for prams or wheelchairs, yet it's crowded by decrepit oldies.  Now you would think they would get up.....but noooooooooo they won't even look at her, all hoping the other will move.  The mums stood there awkwardly trying to squeeze her pram between them, and then ends up standing up, dangerously trying to balance and hold her pram at the same time.

I will never understand why these oldies think they have a right to sit there?  If they're able bodied enough to get on a bus, then they can as sure as shit make use of any seat on there.  Sometimes you have a decent bus driver that will tell them to move, and boy do they argue!!!

If anyone dare complain online about it happening to them, you will have a backlash from the granny brigade who will tell you, you should respect your elders!!! This is one of my favourite debates on Facebook....


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