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Farting, Burping or blowing your nose in public.

It doesn't make you humorous, or prove you enjoyed your meal, or any other excuse people seem to have, it makes you a vile pig.  You don't have sex in public, you don't apply your thrush cream at the dinner table, nor do you clip your toenails in a supermarket. 


All of which, we all do and are completely normal, but there's a time and a place.  Yet some don't seem to think the same about the following....


Now I don't know if this is some deep-seated childhood issue that I can't let go of, but I always remember my father farting and absolutely stinking the house out, what seemed like all day every day.  He would find himself hugely hilarious and I always just found him to be a disgusting fat pig. 

Why any human being thinks it's ok to fart in front of people I will never understand.  No one wants to breathe in molecules of your shit EVER! 

There would be big trouble in my house if anyone farted anywhere other than the bathroom. 


You invite friends over for dinner and the husband burps at the dinner table.....that might be ok in your house fella but you're barking up the wrong tree here. If a man does it, and says excuse me I can just about live with it, but my god if a woman does it and thinks she's clever, it makes me want to vomit straight in her smug face.

My favourite excuse is that "In some cultures it's considered a compliment".....yes dear but the very same cultures still stone women to death for leaving the house without a chaperone, ban women from sports and driving cars.  So you point's invalid!!!

Blowing your nose:

As you probably guessed I have a weak stomach at the best of times, to me being in the company of someone with bad manners is like a bush tucker trial.  I was at a restaurant once when some filthy pig proceeded to blow his nose at the table next to me, more than once and as loud as possible.  I honestly couldn't have said it any louder but I had to let the animal know that he had put me off my food and there was a bathroom right next to him.

The sound of someone blowing their nose is utterly repugnant, I do not want to hear your bodily fluids leaving your body in any capacity, thank you.


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