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Bad Drivers

You know the ones, they're the ones you have to avoid killing you and your family on every single journey.

They're usually young girls who have just passed their test, or pensioners so old they are literally smaller than my 6 year old child.  You can spot them from a mile off, their cars will be covered in dents and they're on their phones, applying make-up, or can't see over the steering wheel.

OAP Bad Driver meme

OAPs are 9 times out of 10 the cause of all bad driving I witness on a day to day basis.  They are always going 10-20 miles per hour UNDER the speed limit.  It's that devastating moment when you're in a rush and a Fiat Panda or a Skoda Fabia pulls in know the chances of getting over 15mph are slim to none!

They see a turn and start slowing down miles ahead, and even if it's a lovely clear turning, still insist on taking it at 1mph. 

They dangerously slam on the brakes at the mere thought of an amber traffic light.

If you ever hear on the news of a lunatic driving the wrong way down a motorway, you can bet your arse it's a pensioner!!!

The same as reckless accidents such as plowing in to buildings, zebra crossings full of children, markets and the such......all OAPs that apparently mistook the brake for the accelerator......How can it go that wrong? It beggars belief.

We all make mistakes, but some of us carefully and safely recover from them.  If it means you have to go around the roundabout again or slowly try to get in to the correct lane whilst indicating, then that's what you do.  What you don't do is slam on the brakes, or cut someone up to get in to the lane you want.  Why is that so hard to comprehend?

Do people not understand how dangerous a vehicle is?  Is it REALLY worth killing yourself or others just to get in to that lane?

On every single journey I make, I witness some form of bad or dangerous driving.  It's about time the police took more action, just because they don't cause an accident the time they're spotted, doesn't mean they won't in the future.

There should be some sort of 'bad driver' points system, and if you get over a certain amount of points you have to re-sit your test. 

There's a website available to name and shame all those bad drivers you come across HERE enter their numberplate and details of the issue and see if other people have had the same.  


So that completes my top 10, hope you enjoyed it, stay tuned for many more rants.







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