So if you have found yourself here, I'm hoping and praying you're not the easily offended type, if you are.....move along, it's for the best.  This blog is the recipient of random life reflections (rants) and things that get on my nerves mainly, it's my way to get things off my chest without committing murder, win-win!.  It's not that I'm always angry, but that I'm more compelled to blog when my adrenaline is flowing...

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"I say what I like, and I like what I say"
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So today I decided to take my gruesome twosome shopping, this is not something I do lightly, but I was getting cabin fever and really missing my fix of B&M Bargains.  So I went for it, after about an hour of dressing, redressing after a vomiting incident, packing the bag, putting on the coats and strapping two flailing screaming 1 year olds in to their car-seats, I was SET!!

Pulls up to Wilkos first, had a quick scout and couldn't see any twin trolleys, so I had to set up the pram, put them both in, go find a manager, only to be told "Sorry madam, as a company we don't offer double trolleys"........BRILLIANT.   So put twins back in the car, fold up pram,  put it back in the boot and off to B&Ms.

Guess what? Same again, even the single ones didn't have straps!!! Poor show.

Friday, 02 December 2016 20:36

Why park next to me in an empty car park?

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A simple request/plea from all us twin mums (and dads) oh and parents with 2 or more under 5s out there.....if the car park is empty and you see my car, alone, minding it's own business.....please for the love of god don't park next to me, bog off and park somewhere else. Why do people do this? It grips my absolute shit.

There is absolutely no need for you to come next to my car, it's not lonely and it's in the abyss for a very good reason.   We park in the middle of nowhere purposely to have access to both sides, yet without fail when you get back from dragging your demon duo around the shops it's almost guaranteed that some giant anus will have parked right next to you.....often close enough to block access.

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So today I decided to make a corned beef pie...

After fighting with those square shaped devil tins for about half an hour, in the end I gave up and started hacking in to it with a giant cleaver. It was like something out of a horror movie! I finally managed to cut the stupidly shaped tin with the cleaver (as well as my finger), and scoop out the insides with a tea spoon.

I managed to (of course) almost lose a finger in the process, so while I was trying to stop the flow of blood and telling a can of meat it was an absolute arsehole, I stared to wonder why, after all the god damned bloody years of technology has no one invented a tin of corned beef you can actually open without losing a digit? Don't even get me started on that ridiculous key that snapes EVERY time.

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One of my pet hates from back in the day, before I had the sense to pass my driving test and get a car was using public transport!  Buses in-particular were hideously stressful as a mother with a baby, pram and 10 shopping bags in tow.

Approaching the bus queue you would be praying there wasn't another pram ahead of you in the queue, so you didn't have the arduous task of juggling your baby, and trying to fold a pram whilst carrying all your shopping on to the bus single-handedly. 

Friday, 04 December 2015 19:45

Ridiculous misspellings of business names

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Sometimes I think Facebook has bred a nation of stupid people, but then I realise, there was always stupid people about......Facebook just brings them to your doorstep.

I admin a large selling group on Facebook and lately I have noticed an influx of stupidity.  Wait for it........People actually spelling their own businesses name incorrectly *SIGH*

And I don't mean when it's done purposely, like skool or kool etc, I mean when the owner clearly has the IQ of potato.

Some offenders include 'Bulldouge removals' and 'Fabulouse hair'

I find it hard to believe that Fabuouse Hair is some kind of weird play on why would any hair salon want to have the word louse in the title....Yuk!

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Domestic violence is a very taboo subject and I'm sure this log post will annoy the femenists amongst you all, but I can't get my head around how women can allow it to happen in front of and to their children!

I can understand how hard it must be, and easy to take if it's just yourself to worry about....but the kids, for the love of god do it for the kids! The effects of domestic violence on children are heartbreaking.

I happened upon this post via Facebook this morning...

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