So if you have found yourself here, I'm hoping and praying you're not the easily offended type, if you are.....move along, it's for the best.  This blog is the recipient of random life reflections (rants) and things that get on my nerves mainly, it's my way to get things off my chest without committing murder, win-win!.  It's not that I'm always angry, but that I'm more compelled to blog when my adrenaline is flowing...

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"I say what I like, and I like what I say"
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I came across this story today, and was at first shocked and felt really sorry for this woman, my opinion soon changed...

"A British grandmother has been told she has been listed for execution for cocaine smuggling in Bali.  She is to face death by firing squad.

Julian Ponder and Rachel Dougall were dealt with extremely leniently, with just jail sentences, for their part in the same smuggling ring which must have come as a huge blow, and is her main focus in her case to get the death sentence quashed."

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I have noticed lately that some people keep reiterating that they are a good person on every social media post. Facebook has become a place to create a fake self-image, please the ego and desperately seek attention.  It's more like '50 shades of cray' these days.

You know the types, they're easily spotted, they are the ones with 500,00 selfies on their walls, and they refer to everyone as 'babe'.  They are always single, and for some reason constantly post about wanting/needing a man/woman and how they "deserve" it.

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So, selfies have taken over the planet, and it seems peoples minds.  Now we're all guilty of a cheeky selfie or two when we're drunk, or looking good, but for some it's turning in to an addiction. or just an attention-seeking mission. 

It's when the selfie is accompanied with a banal quote that has nothing to do with that "duck face" expression, it gets laughable.

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So Rhianna's new video is causing a bit of a stir on the old www today....

I had a little listen, and was slightly shocked at her overuse of the word Nigger/Nigga.

Now I was led to believe that the word was pretty much banned from the universe now, I only ever see it referred to as the 'N-word' these days.

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I literally could not believe my eyes when I first came across this video, I thought it was a hoax.  To my utter disbelief, I soon realised it wasn't, and this child abuser has been practicing this 'baby yoga' for over 30 years.... 


And while most of the babies were left screaming in tears or vomited during or after their session of 'baby dynamics', Lena insists it is for their benefit.

How in the name of god has she been allowed to get away with this?  That poor baby in the video is absolutely tiny, and is clearly distressed.  Yoga is meant to be relaxing, so if the baby was relaxed it sure as hell wouldn't be crying.

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What is social rape?

Not to be confused with conventional rape, where a person inflicts themselves upon you physically.  This version is rape of the mental kind....also known as friend rape.

The offender may already be a friend, or even be a friend of a friend that you can't shake off.

So lets start with 'New friends'...

You might be on a night out with friends and there's always a few others you don't know, some you may hit it off with, some you just say hi to upon entering and that's about it.  Sometimes though, these outsiders take a liking to you, and no matter how much you try to politely brush off their advances, you know they want to be your BFF within the week!

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